Welcome to Wandering Room


Welcome to the Adventures or more aptly perhaps called the mis-adventures of the Chippindall Clan as we embark on a somewhat fun but altogether disorganised trip around Australia.

Thank you for joining us in this journey and we’ll be posting probably alot of information about what not to do on adventuring this great land of ours but also perhaps lots of highlights and fun times as we journey as a family of 5.

You can join us here, the WanderingRoom.com or follow us on Facebook too at Wandering Room.

We originally planned to do this journey with our Oscar boy, affectionately known as the Big O and he departed this world after blessing us every day for 14 years on 17 June 2016, just 6 weeks before our adventure was beginning.  Whilst we thoroughly miss him and it still breaks our heart to think we’re not journeying with our Big Guy, everything we do reminds us of him so much, and this journey is very much in honour of the love and great impact he had on our lives, in such a positive and beautiful way.