Grampians …. oh Grampians


Grampians.  Divine.  Joel Joel & Joel South Road – don’t trust Betty . She takes you weird places. Then there’s the issue or taking out a bin in the McDonalds car park at Stawell – there’s a whole podcast on this.  Somewhere.  When we work out the internet in regional towns (argh!)  There’s also something to be learned about not driving with your caravan handbrake on.

There’s something divine, special, beautiful about this part of the world.  We stayed for 3 days and walked to Venus Baths which was a beautiful stunning walk with the boys.  We did a lot of walking – there is just so much to enjoy about the Grampians.  Loads of Cockatoos in that region, kangaroos, beautiful scenery is just delightful.  You could spend a week just on admiring the scenery.  Icecreams in town are enormous!  Helen found out that the Caravan Park we were staying at had wifi access of 100MB/day, which was/is ludicrous.  Doesn’t help me 3am wake up and trawling of the net – particularly sports pages and reading the Age, it is about 3 articles worth, disgusting.  Had to sneak down to the Aboriginal Centre to sneak wifi to record our latest podcast for Chewing the Fat on Flexibility and get some work done.  The only let down of the Grampians was these small things, the beauty of the place is staggering.

Marshmallow Time
Missing the Big O. He would have absolutely loved our nature trail adventures.
Beautiful Bells
Marshmallow Time @ the Grampians.
Our little Climber
Bells has never walked so much in her life. She’s loving the adventure. She’s the best dog.
Venus Falls is just divine. A great walking track with the kids

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