Christian Zimmerman & Miss Molly

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This is a PodCast where we don’t know where to start ….. it is full of such fun and wild tales, enjoyed over a lovely bottle of Bellwether Vino, it was such a great conversation with a most intriguing and engaging traveller.

Whilst hanging out in Port Augusta (mostly considered a stop-over destination only , people) we came across a Swiss Man who was making Milo like a scientist! So measured, thorough and clearly had a process of how he enjoyed his Milo made.  Who could blame him, Milo rocks right?!

But as we got talking to him, we found he had a tale or two to tell about his travels around Australia, this time.

Christian Zimmerman is a Swiss Photographer who has been to Australia several times, seen this great country in all modes of transport, except for walking, pushing a shopping trolley who is now named Miss Molly, from Darwin to Adelaide.

The stories are magnificent, from high profile South Australian Aristocrats silently murdering their friends and writing books about it to people who stop to give him breakfast every morning on their way to drop their kids to school as he troops down the Stuart Highway.

Loads of fun and full of adventure, Christian is awesome.

Check out his work on Facebook at Global AV-Produktionen / Andreas & Christian Zimmerman


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