Introducing: Martins Around Aus



We were delighted to become neighbours with the delightful Martin Family, who we took up residence next to in Darwin.

Jamie and Amy were delightful co-parents to our two children as Sam & Charlie joined in the day to day rides, swims, altogether Darwin-esk activities with their gorgeous 4 kids.  We survived humidity, sweat, crocodile chats and altogether had a great time with these wonderful people who whisked Helen away (well Amy did) on her first girls’ night out in 3 months and enjoyed dinner, wine and Bridget Jones’ #3 instalment!!!

When we discovered this lovely family was from the gorgeous town of Sawtell, on the northern NSW coast, had 4 kids in tow in a caravan and had been travelling Australia for 10 months, were amazingly sane and nice, we needed to get their conversation recorded.

What ensued was nothing but delightful, raw, honest, inspiring from an amazing couple who have chosen to, despite some incredibly rough knocks that life can throw your way, to abandon the norm and pursue their passions.  We are inspired by them!

Martins around Oz is their facebook profile.  Check out this gorgeous family – amazing inside and out!!!

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