Simon & Karina Harvie – The Ambo & The Mid-Wife

Today’s conversation is with Simon & Karina Harvie, a couple we met at Big Valley Campsite in Margaret River.

We recorded this some months later when we passed through Adelaide and camped on Simon & Karina’s front lawn (all 5 acres of it!) on our way back to Melbourne to get the Ferry to Tasmania.

Simon’s a Paramedic and Karina is a Midwife and both were intensely interesting and lovely people to hang out with.  We had a great time with them at Margaret River and bonded over a fair amount of McLaren Vale Shiraz – special mention needs to go to Beresford as we bought out their entire cellar of their 2012 Shiraz – delicious!

In this podcast the four of us discuss Camping with Kids, Hunting (Simon’s views are heart-felt and true to him – we think he  thinks he’s best described as an Ethical Meat Eater), however has a wicked sense of humour and once welcomed Garth to sing Koom-by-ahhhh to the factory farmed chickens down at the local shed to give them a moment of holistic growing up :), Brewing and other hobbies.  We touch on Factory Farming and get into a deep discussion about Karina’s career as a Midwife (1:40:30), her vision for better practice at such an important time in life, and study while working and parenting…

Thanks to Simon & Karina for their lovely hospitality and for joining us on our PodCast.  We hope you enjoy :

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