Hot Tips

Laundries – behold the gossip and tutting centre of Caravan Parks

Caravan Park Laundries are vicious places.  Get your load in and out, don’t be a minute late or hold up someone’s washing, they’ll be all over you.  Hilariously, I make the mistake of piling up my laundry because really, who wants to do it and the boys go through pretty much 2-3 changes of clothes a day, because they are feral.  If you need to do a few loads in one day, get in at sparrows, hog the washing machine and tutt at machine as it takes too long!

Check out your site before you park the van!

So, don’t just allow yourself to get backed into not getting the best site for yourself.  You go in and smile, suck up and be jovial with the lady on Reception who has the fate of your stay in her beloved keyboard warrior fingertips, she kind of reminds you of the pompousness of specialists’ secretaries.

Walk around and check out the sites and don’t be afraid to go back and ask for a new site.